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APR 24, 25, 26, 27 & 28

Inspection Dates

APR 20, 21, 22 & 23, 2018


About Us

Asia International Auctioneers, Inc. is the Philippines' biggest and fastest growing trucks and equipment auctioneer.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Through the AIA Foundation, we have launched and maintained various CSR initiatives including Livelihood...

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Share our commitment and vision to become the leader in the Auction Industry.


AIA is the first and only trucks and equipment auctioneer to receive certification for ISO 9001:2015, the most prominent and latest version of the internationally recognized Quality Management System standards.


AIA is constantly investing on technology and innovation to enhance the quality of its products. Thus, all AIA trucks undergo a No Cut, No Weld, No Bend Conversion Technology System which uses Brand New & Original Left Hand Drive Parts.


Enjoy distinctive benefits for your best bidding experience!

   -  Earn rebates for your auction purchases
   -  Be the first to know our latest stocks
   -  Convenience of online registration
   -  Manage your account and purchases online
   -  Take advantage of special offers
   -  Preferential discounts from our partner establishments
   -  Get invited to exclusive events



“Our business is always expounding and we purchase most our fleets from AIA. We are contented and happy with our fleets. We rely on your very good quality.”

“AIA puts a premium and significant importance when it comes to quality”

“Being in the construction industry, the pressure from the demand of different clients is just overwhelming. And so I find AIA to be a partner that I can trust in providing with my needs.”

“Thank you for assisting me in acquiring my Isuzu Cargo Truck! The investment helped me in expanding my business.”

“The manner of auction delivery is very professional just like other auctions I have attended abroad. No non-sense, no detractions, no mudslings, no bullcrap.”

“I do not like settling for less because in return it only gives me headache. I only want the best for my business that is why I only buy the equipment I need from them. It is worth the investment because the units I got in return are value for money.”

“I first learned AIA through advertisement in the newspaper last November, when I came to have a visit for inspection, I found that AIA is transparent with the actual units and more accurate with the number of items that are for sale.”

“Our first time in joining an auction, we were really nervous but the guys in front of us (bidcatchers) are very helpful. Thanks for placing your feet in our shoes.”

“There is huge selection of quality units unlike competitor that offers limited number of trucks to which we intent to bid. It is good thing I knew about AIA.”