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1. What is your most preferred auction system in this time of new normal?
Please choose one.

Tender Auction (sealed bidding online or onsite)
Onsite Public Parade Auction (live at auction shed)
Online Parade Auction (via video feed)
Online Auction (open-time web based bidding)
Others. Please specify:

2. What is your most preferred bidding method?
Please choose one.

Online (via PC/laptop, tablet or smart phone)
Onsite (personally at AIA site)
Remote (telephone bidding/email)
Others. Please specify:

3. For inspection of units, do you prefer to inspect the units personally?

Yes, I want to see the actual units before buying
No, I’m okay with viewing the units online at your website before buying

4. For the bidding schedule, which do you prefer?

Open-time bidding (bid on any type of unit within auction period)
With day-to-day schedule (wait to bid on a specific type of unit on its scheduled date)

5. For placing of bids, which do you prefer?

Place a sealed bid with one-time result and no need to constantly monitor
Be able to know the current bid and place a higher bid every time I’m outbid

6. In view of the current situation, are you comfortable to join an onsite public parade auction if safety measures are in place?

Yes, I’m willing to join an auction which is open to the public if safety measures are in place
No, I’m still not comfortable to join a public parade auction

7. Have you already joined our Tender Auction?

Yes No

If yes, how would you rate your auction experience?

Excellent Good Fair Poor

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